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Clean Premium Supplements

Our Process

From the suppliers:

If you wait until you reach the lab to develop a remarkable supplement, you've already missed the mark. This is precisely why we prioritize the quality of our ingredients and commence our journey from there.

We have established close relationships with suppliers and growers of ingredients primarily within the United States, focusing on sourcing locally.  By working closely with our local ingredient suppliers, we gain meticulous control over our supply chain. Gone are the days of relying solely on someone's word about the organic conditions under which the ingredients were cultivated. We go the extra mile by sending our lab personnel directly to the farms, immersing themselves in the process from soil preparation to planting, harvesting, drying, and delivery of the herbs. This hands-on approach ensures that by the time the ingredients arrive at our lab, they are of the highest quality, healthiest, safest, and most effective variety that we can procure.

To the lab:

Once we have sourced the highest quality ingredients, our process truly begins. Upon arrival at our laboratory, these ingredients undergo rigorous testing to ensure their excellence. We subject them to meticulous cleanliness examinations, leaving no room for contaminants or unwanted elements. Moreover, we conduct efficacy tests to validate their potency within our formulations. Each natural health ingredient possesses unique phytochemicals, which play a vital role in their effectiveness when consumed. By meticulously verifying the levels of these beneficial phytochemicals, we ensure that they adhere to strict guidelines, guaranteeing their potency, effectiveness, and safety in achieving the desired outcomes of our products.

The Formulation:

Unlike others, we never settle for single herb formulations. Relying solely on one herb can be risky. You may need to push the boundaries of safety to achieve desired results. But we never compromise on safety. Furthermore, there's a percentage of the population that won't respond to a particular herb due to their genetics. No matter how much they take, the desired effects will remain elusive.

Instead, we harness the strength of synergistic formulation by combining four or five different herbs in each product. This approach allows us to use smaller amounts of each herb, ensuring safety is never compromised. Moreover, by blending multiple herbs, we guarantee that even if someone is a non-responder to one ingredient, they'll benefit from the others. Our formulas are not only safer but also more effective for everyone.


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